Democracy and the singularity

The democratic process has eroded by our elected politicians being busy more with fund raising than with policy that benefits the majority of their voters. Never before have so few been engaged in making the world a better place. Everybody is too busy making sure they have the latest iPad or iPhone.

freedom of speech

Freedom of press in the UK exposed to great uncertainty, says WAN-IFRA report

The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) released a report on press freedom in the United Kingdom. Concerns over the extent of political involvement in new press regulation coupled with international outrage over the British government’s reaction to the Guardian newspaper’s coverage of digital surveillance revelations prompted engagement with press freedom issues in the United Kingdom, which WAN-IFRA went to check in situ.

“What’s on your mind?” — “Who wants to know?” should be your reply

Facebook’s line of temptation is “What’s on your mind?”. Twitter’s “Compose New Tweet” is much less alluring but still manages to get people to share their thoughts with thousands if not millions of others. What has happened to the age old art of prudence and modesty? Gone forever? With all that news about private data being sold to advertisers and such, one should think not.

A sceptic's thoughts on technology