The Mars conjunct Saturn transit

Mars conjunct Saturn

Last week a Mars Saturn conjunct appeared and it works through until approx. Wednesday. A conjunct is one planet seemingly covering another on the zodiac wheel. The two planets make a connection — an aspect — to many people’s natal planets and houses. We call this a transit. While a forecast of events using a transit by interpreting the connections between the transiting planets (their stations ‘right now’) and your natal chart (planetary stations at time of birth) will be quite accurate, we can also take a look at what the transiting planets between them are telling us.

TIP: Take your Ascendant sign when reading magazine horoscopes

Provided the horoscope in your favourite magazines has at the very least been written or edited by a human being and not entirely by a robot, there’s an easy way to make your horoscope fit your own life and situation better: don’t read the explanation next to your sun sign but the explanation that matches your Ascendant sign. Usually, this gives a much better fit to your own situation due to the way these horoscopes have been calculated and erected.